Course Description:

Digital Design provides students the foundations of computer design using Photoshop and other graphics software. Students will capture images and learn to manipulate them to create dynamic designs. This project-based curriculum will apply design elements and principles and prepare students for the industry standard, Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Exam, where they will earn professional certification in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC.

Course Goals:

  1. Student will cite evidence to support analysis, determine central ideas and conclusions, and use necessary tools to pull key ideas and details from any given text. (FS 22.0)
  2. Student will demonstrate proficiency in language arts in writing arguments focused on specific content, producing clear and coherent writing and drawing evidence from informational texts. (FS 23.0)
  3. Student will demonstrate math knowledge and skills in order to construct, reason and model. (FS 24.0)
  4. Student will demonstrate and apply necessary computer skills
  5. Student will demonstrate proficiency in Adobe Photoshop
  6. Student will demonstrate understanding of digital publishing concepts
  7. Student will demonstrate proficiency in performing decision-making activities
  8. Student will demonstrate proficiency in layout, design and measurement
  9. Student will demonstrate proficiency in digital publishing operations
  10. Student will demonstrate and apply skills in digital imaging
  11. Student will demonstrate basic web concepts and ideas
  12. Student will demonstrate proficiency in comprehension and communication skills
  13. Student will demonstrate understanding of career and professional goal planning
  14. Student will demonstrate proficiency in Adobe Illustrator
  15. Student will demonstrate proficiency in multimedia presentation
  16. Student will demonstrate understanding of marketing and promotions
  17. Student will demonstrate proficiency in web page design elements and graphics
  18. Student will demonstrate proficiency in specialized web design software (Adobe Flash)

Materials Needed:

  • Headphones
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Three Ring Binder
  • Pen, Pencil & Paper for notes

Attendance and Make-Up Work:

If you are absent, you are responsible to make up any missed work. Assignments missed due to an excused absence must be turned in within a maximum of two days. Tests are to be made up at the earliest time possible. Assignments due the day you’re absent are due the day you return. There is not a 5-day period for school-approved absence; so all work missed during such an absence is due that following school day.

This is a semester class; on the ninth excused or unexcused absence you will lose credit for the course. Three excused or unexcused tardies or early dismissals equal one absence.

Classroom Procedures

Students will come to class and take a seat at their computers before the tardy bell rings. Students are asked to take out their project and/or turn your computer on to begin class. Independent work is to be done quietly. I ask that students stay focused and on task at all times.

Class Rules & Regulations

  1. I do not argue with students. If you are told to move your seat or given any other direction you are to do so immediately and without complaint. If you feel this or any other direction is unreasonable you may arrange to discuss it with your counselor or arrange a parent conference on your own time. Otherwise, follow all directions immediately and without complaining. Class time is for learning.
  2. Follow instructions the FIRST time given.
  3. No talking during whole group discussion (Raise your hand to and wait to be recognized)
  4. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the classroom
  5. Never put your hands on another student
  6. Never leave the classroom without permission
  7. Treat equipment with respect at all times
  8. Come to class on time and prepared with supplies
  9. Take care of your needs prior to class
  10. All students will be respectful at all times
  11. When the bell rings, you are to remain in your seat until dismissed. You are responsible to clean any trash in your area whether it is yours or not. Keep all trash with you until the bell rings and throw it out on your way out of the classroom.

Classroom Professionalism

Students must be in their career dress code, as well as, shirts tucked in and belts worn. Pants need to be pulled up, not below the waist. You must always have your necessary materials for class. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in points off your weekly classroom professionalism total.


Most work will be done during class. Occasionally, there will be homework assignments. Homework is the student’s responsibility. Homework is for the individual and should not be done in groups, unless otherwise noted. Homework will be collected or checked at the beginning of class the next day.