Procure a minimum of 10 high-resolution images from the web and create a visually interesting collage with Photoshop and the tools we’ve learned thus far. The collage should describe you. Your collage should be 8 inches by 8 inches and include at least 10 different images.These images should be selected and cutout carefully and reassembled. Once your image is reassembled, painting or blending techniques should be utilized. Images can also be scaled(resized),flipped,rotated,etc. It may include any of the ideas listed below,but is not limited to this list.You may use single words to represent ideas, but you will be limited to FOUR words that represent you.You will also need to include only ONE PHOTO of yourself in the collage.You can take a photo with one of the digital cameras or bring in your own photo from home.The overall collage should look like a finished picture when completed, not just a bunch of weird pictures stuck together.


  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies
  • Culture
  • Movies/TV
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Awards
  • Travel/vacation
  • College/Career
  • Pets


1. 10 photos removed from their background

2. Your first and last name

3. Your photo

4. A background image, gradient or color

5. Each layer clearly labeled

6. Layer styles or blending effects

7. Save the file as a flattened image and place it inside a Word document. (Save for web as jpeg)

8. Write a brief description in a Microsoft Word document describing how the collage represents you, what techniques and tools you used to create the collage, and how you could improve your collage. Include a heading in the top right margin with your name, date and class, the title of the project center-aligned at the top of the page, a minimum of a six-sentence write-up, and a jpeg copy of your collage inserted in the Word document. 

Due September 12, 2017